Materials and technologies for solar energy: photovoltaics and concentrated PV


FEBRUARY 10-14, 2025

Scientific Committee

Simonpietro Agnello  University of Palermo

Claudia Barolo  University of Torino

Simona Olga Binetti University of Milano Bicocca

Marco Cannas University of Palermo

Maurizio Cellura  University of Palermo

Aldo Di Carlo CNR

Walter Gaggioli ENEA

Alessandro Galia University of Palermo

Massimo Mazzer CNR

Matteo Meneghini  University of Padova

David Moser EURAC Research

Alessandro Romeo University of Verona

Michele Saba University of Cagliari

Giovanni Spagnuolo University of Salerno

Mario Tucci  ENEA

Topics Covered

Materials and devices for photovoltaics

  • Silicon cells and modules
  • Thin film solar cells
  • Perovskite solar cells
  • Fabrication processes and integration
  • New materials and innovative cell architectures
  • Stability and reliability of solar cells and modules

Integration and system level aspects

  • Building integration
  • Agrivoltaics
  • Innovative concepts for PV energy conversion
  • Switching converters for PV applications
  • Algorithms and AI solutions for photovoltaics
  • Floating PV

CSP and solar thermal

  • Solar thermal systems
  • Solar chemistry research
  • Solar heat integration
  • Hybrid energy systems

Economics and sustainability

  • Value chains for solar energy
  • Manufacturing and integration
  • Economics & Markets
  • LCA and carbon footprint
  • End of life and recycling

Student Workshop

The School will feature a half-day student workshop on Wednesday, February 12th, 2025, where students can present their research activity. The best presentation will receive an award. If you want to participate, fill out the form below with your personal information and some details about the proposed presentation for the student workshop.


Casa della Gioventù

Via Rio Bianco 12, 39042, Bressanone, Italia

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The closest airports are Innsbruck to the north, VeniceVerona and Bolzano to the south. Additional airports in the area include: Munich, Treviso, Bergamo and Milan. Bolzano regional airport (BZO – South Tyrol) is located on the southern outskirts of the capital city, and direct flights to Bozen are currently available from Rome, Berlin or Düsseldorf.