Invited speakers

Martin Albrecht IKZ Berlin The role of dislocations in hillock formation in the growth of AlGaN on AlN
Georg Bruederl AMS-OSRAM Blue and green GaN-based single mode laser for projection – status and challenges
Jr-Tai Chen Swegan Recent progress in buffer-free GaN-on-SiC HEMT epitaxial heterostructures for microwave and power devices
Michael Damman Fraunhofer-IAF GaN HEMT reliability of RF devices: A technology comparison
Gerald Deboy Infineon Value prosition of GaN devices in high and low power applications
Amélie Dussaigne Leti High In content InGaN alloy by strain reduction: application to native RGB micro-display
Patrick Fay Univ. Notre Dame Polarization Engineering for High-Efficiency, High-Linearity mm-Wave Transistors
Karen Geens IMEC Recent Advancements in Vertical GaN Device Development on Engineered Substrates
Romain Gwoziecki CEA Recent advance in GAN Power devices development at CEA-LETI
Åsa Haglund Chalmers University Electrochemical etching – a key enabler for thin-film VCSELs and LEDs?
Michael Heuken AIXTRON Epitaxial growth of vertical GaN device layer stacks on 200 mm engineered substrates
Ferdinando Iucolano ST

Emerging GaN-on Si Technologies: RF and Power Devices

Jose Jimenez Qorvo Optmizing a linear GaN technology for sub 6GHz  applications.
Ingmar Kallfass Univ. Stuttgart and IMS CHIPS TBD
Christian Koller Infineon

Understanding Charge Transport and Trapping/Detrapping in GaN Power Devices

Alex Lidow EPC GaN Integrated Circuits for More Efficient Motor Drives
Giorgia Longobardi Cambridge GaN Devices CGD monolithically integrated approach for power devices: The third way
Elison Matioli EPFL New technologies for efficient and integrated GaN power devices
Farid Medjdoub IEMN-CNRS High Power-Added-Efficiency millimeter-wave GaN HEMTs
Matteo Meneghini UniPD

Defects and trapping in GaN power devices

Peter Moens ONSemiconductor Steep Subtreshold Transistors : A Gem from the AlGaN/GaN Power Device World
Herbert Pairitsch Infineon Future ‘greener’ applications enabled by UltimateGaN



Indian Institute of Science

Reliable Enhancement-Mode AlGaN/GaN HEMTs by p-type AlTiO Based Gate Stack Engineering

Luca Sulmoni TU Berlin Realizing wide bandgap tunnel junctions for fully transparent MOVPE-grown UV LEDs
Thomas Weatherley EPFL Point defects and carrier diffusion length in InGaN/GaN quantum wells
Joachim Wuerfl FBH Novel AlN-based power and mm-wave transistors: Technological concepts and performance

Low-Field Transport Modeling to Enable Prediction and Optimization of GaN Heterostructure Sheet Resistance

Enrico Zanoni University of Padova Degradation and reliability of GaN RF transistors

GaN Marathon is by nature a workshop, so the number of available seats will be limited (first come, first serve). The last editions of the GaN Marathon were fully booked: we strongly recommend to register in advance and to start soon with hotel reservation.


S. Marco, 2847, 30124 Venezia VE


June 20-22, 2022